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Creating Keepsakes Convention - Charlotte

I'm finally ready to give my review of 2008 Creating Keepsakes Convention (CKC) in Charlotte, NC. I decided to breeze through the vendors on a Friday afternoon, dragging a photographer...my hubby along with me! Don't pity him, he was glad to take pictures, and boy did he?! Most people there thought I was a celebrity and the paparazzi was following me. I got used to it, similar to my wedding day, and totally ignored he was there (most of the time). He captured some amazing moments for any 'paper artist.' You can view his perspective here. By the way, husbands are great to take along...because they can carry your bags!!!

My perspective of the convention was not overwhelmingly pleased; however, I only say that because earlier this summer I attended the Great American Scrapbook Convention (GASC) in Chantilly, VA. The vendors were about the same, give or take a few different exhibitors. The classes were almost the exact same. So, my suggestion would be to attend one or the other, but not necessarily both, unless you did not get a chance to take a class at one or the other. These conventions and trips can be costly, so this review is only to show you that both the CKC and the GASC is about the same, so you are not missing much if you can only manage to attend one for the year. Here are some pictures that I want to share that he did not on his blog:

Scrapbook Convention

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