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The Cricut - A Review

The Cricut Expression (pictured left) is a personal die-cut machine. It cuts letters, shapes, and phrases in various sizes and fonts. The Expression uses a 12" x 24" mat or 12" x 12" mat. The Expression allows you to cut larger die-cuts for scrapbook layouts, classroom displays, or signage. The LCD display allows you to view exactly what you are cutting.

The Cricut Machine is a personal die cutter. There are countless possibilities that allow you to cut different shapes, letters, or phrases. The personal Cricut only weighs 7 lbs. and does not require much space. You can create die cuts ranging from 1" - 5.5". Although there is no LCD, there is a small screen that allows you to see what you have typed (just not shapes).

Expression or Personal Cricut

Thinking about purchasing a Cricut? This review will provide you with some factors to consider prior to making your purchase and hopefully select the right Cricut that is suitable for your use. The Expression is larger and will provide larger size die cuts; the Personal is smaller and will provide die-cuts up to 5.5". If you plan to work on projects that you know you will need larger than 5.5" die cuts; then you definitely should go with the Expression. Make sure you have enough space to adequately store your Expression. It will need open operating areas in the front and back to allow the machine to feed the mat through without any interference. Both Personal and Expression machines use the same cartridges and neither requires a computer. However, the Cricut DesignStudio is a program now available that enables you to connect the Cricut to the computer and customize die-cuts using multiple cartridges. By the way, cartridges are inserts you use that includes the shapes, phrases, or letters. If you are more of a scrapbooker, I recommend the Expression. If you are more of a cardmaker, I recommend the Personal.

The price difference between the Expression and the Personal is another deciding factor. The Expression retails at $499.99 However, local craft stores and online suppliers sell them at significantly lower prices around $380. I purchased my Expression at a local craft store on sale. It was a bundle price that included the Expression, a 12x12 mat, 4 cartridges, and a set of ink. Do your research and shop around before making a purchase to get the best deal. You may even find them as an auction for someone who no longer needs theirs. Most of the time, I use my Cricut for scrapbook layouts. At times, I think it may feel neglected, so I may try to use it for my cards (a challenge for me some times)!

The Cricut is an excellent addition for any paper artist. It allows you to customize and personalize phrases to projects. It is electric and does not require pushing, turning, or cranking for die cuts like other counterparts on the market. Could I create great paper art without a Cricut? Sure, but I am glad I own one because it provides another technique to my projects.

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