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My First Confession!

A New Design Online...COMING SOON!

Finally! A New Design Online is coming along! I am currently working on the 'shopping' part of my website (www.anewdesignonline.com). Thank you to all who have frequently visited the site and asked me about it! You each have motivated and encouraged me to continue to achieve my goal! This is a long, but rewarding process and I hope you will enjoy it...that is...when I finally finish! I've been very busy fulfilling card requests and making creative gifts for friends, so the web site debut is taking a little longer than I anticipated.

I have started a blog, which will include my ventures as a paper artist, such as conventions I attend or any experiences I have. I will also display some tips of the trade here to inspire others to start the paper art hobby! Eventually, I hope to post daily card creations for everyone to see my new creativity boiling! My mind has not been able to stop recently with all of those creative juices flowing...it's a good lack of sleep!

Recently, I have made it a goal of mine to visit a scrapbooking store wherever I travel. I have visited two new scrapbook stores in the past few months and here is my review!

  • Archiver's - Raleigh, NC
  • www.archiversonline.com

    In January, I traveled to Raleigh, NC and visited Archiver's. This was a very nice store. It is a chain that offers many classes and crops and great assistance if needed. The store is designed nicely and organized well. I would categorize Archiver's as your Saks Fifth Avenue of scrapbook stores. However, since it is not your 'mom and pop', they do not offer special attention. For example, I inquired about special ordering invitations (ordered over the phone and shipped to me). The manager confirmed that you must order the invitations in the store and the store can ship the items to you. This is a slight speed bump for those avid paper artists who do not have a local Archiver's. Rest assured when you travel to 18 different states, because they have 40 stores...just hope one is nearby you!

  • The Stamping & Scrapbooking Room - Greensboro, NC
  • www.stampandscrapbookroom.com

    In December, I traveled to Greensboro, NC, where I lived for four years and visit frequently and stopped by the Stamping and Scrapbook Room. This scrapbook supplier store is your local owned 'mom and pop' with everything you could possibily need. Don't let the storefront fool you! Betty, the owner, greeted me and assisted me with my shopping. I must add a word of caution to be careful if you go because she can influence you to buy more! Betty was extremely helpful and even offered specialized service to me as an out of town shopper. She offers over the phone/internet ordering and shipping to my home! This is great special treatment for those hard-to-find items. While here, I purchased great prima flowers in glass jars with the stands! She offered them for a great price and provided their original packaging for handling back to Viriginia. Later, I called Betty about my prima flowers and inquired about the buds (stamens) that I inadvertently forgot to buy. She let me know she had some in stock and could ship. I decided to wait until my next visit to Greensboro to browse and buy more! This store also offers crops and some classes.

Thanks for stopping by and please check my site (www.anewdesignonline.com) daily as I plan to add items very often.

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