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Most people who know me, know "my only baby, Ozzy." Today, he was groomed and wanted so badly to pose for a picture. He even sat on the 'fancy' living room chair! His groomer praised him for being a great dog and very affectionate. When she told me in front of other dog owners, I just smiled with joy, like a proud parent would...that's MY dog! Anyway, this is just a fun post. He's now allowed on the bed since he's nice and clean! Isn't he sooooo cute? Although I have had Ozzy since he was a baby (I mean puppy!), and it's been over 5 years, it feels like forever. I can't imagine my life without him now. Pets are amazing component of people's lives and don't cause as much stress and strain as children! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the kids, BUT Ozzy fills the void for me now juuuust right!

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M. Newell said...

Looking Good Ozzy! You are the man:)! Well technically speaking, you are the dog! Which means - you are sleeping on the floor! HA! Good pic!

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