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Blog Awards

Unfortunately, this morning, I have no project to share. It's only partially my fault because I have plenty of things to show you, but I accidentally left my USB drive at Ritz Camera last night. So, I'll have to go by and pick it up today. It has all of my photos on there...ugh! So, I'll post something this evening.

Until then, I thought I do something a little different and that is list some of my favorite blogs I enjoy reading everyday. And the blog awards go to...

Angie Tieman

Catherine Martinez
Dawn McVey
Tessa Wise

Congratulations (as if I am some official blog monitor)! Thank you and I hope you continue your blogs because I enjoy every post!

Please visit their blogs. I think you will really like them as much as I do!


Marie said...

Aren't you sweet to include me! Especially with the rest of those ladies!

Thank you!!


Angie Tieman said...

Oh, you are so sweet!! You made my day! I give you the award too, because you are SUPER talented and I enjoy reading your blog everyday too!

Catherine said...

ME?!? by YOU!?! WOW!!! You're one of my top blogs that i read everyday but it seems like i miss this one today...LOL! Anyway, thanks and you know how much i adore you work.

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