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Times Square in a Nutshell

Here are some photos I took late last night in Times Square. My hotel is located in the heart of Times Square, so I had easy access to everything. Can you believe Sephora was open until midnight? Well, since it was open...I stopped on in and picked up some new NARS eyeshadow and Smashbox Cream Liner, plus a brand new eyeliner brush. I even got a free bag because of my frequent buyer points! There is nothing like brand new makeup! My must-have makeup is eyeliner. I think it makes your eyes pop and eyes are important on everyone...right?!

It was packed even though it was a Tuesday night and FREEZING. The wind was even blowing. I'm not a big fan of cold weather and especially not so early in the season. I mean fall JUST started and I had frost on the car windshield Monday morning.

I had dinner at the Bangkok House off of Restaurant Row. My favorite food is Thai so I had to try out some NYC thai. It was decent, but I still have my favorite in Baltimore (Thai Landing) and in Manassas (Thai Taste). It's so funny because no matter how many times I visit NYC, I am so fascinated and thrilled by the city. I was here earlier this year and I get the same excited feeling with big eyes looking around at everything. I hope to get more shopping in today because I was pooped after my FULL day yesterday.

And for my funny NYC story: I caught a cab from the lower east side (right outside of former WTC). The driver was fairly young. He was driving me to Times Square to my hotel. Well, on the way, we hear the siren of a police car go by. I just happened to have the best cab driver in NYC who followed the police car. I actually had a police escort! Well, until we got cut off! He was a little upset, but we laughed and I could tell he enjoyed his job and got a thrill out of the cat/mouse game he was playing. All I know is that "my" police escort got me to the Millennium Broadway Hotel much faster!

Oh yeah, since I watch GMA every morning (for Robin and Diane) and their studio is located at 44th and Broadway (which is where I am), I just might try to get on in the morning. I doubt this will happen because...sleep comes before a lot of things!

I really like NYC and would even live here if given the opportunity, so I can't wait to come back!

I should be back tomorrow with a project to post, but don't hold me to it!


Marie said...

Great Pictures! Looks like you are having a great trip! I would have hit up Sephora at midnight, too! Hee!

Catherine said...

Love your pics and thanks for sharing them. I haven't been to NYC but would love to go someday... SOMEDAY!

and i love, love eyeliner, that's all i need :) can't wait for your projects.

have a safe trip back home :)

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