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It's Wednesday and should be a posting of my interpretation of Beate's Inspiration Challenge, but I am in (not so sunny) Orlando and was unable to participate because of the election results and traveling. So, instead I will post a few items I plan to give away on Sunday for the blog hitting over 10,000 hits. Sorry, I have no photos of the goodies, but I jotted down some of my favorite items from my studio that I decided to part with for you! All 'candy' is new and cute and perfect for your next project, so hurry and sign up today!
  1. some fall felt leaves (used here, but in other colors and sizes)
  2. pack of black tie (white or silver) thickers (as seen here)
  3. set of 9 gift bags (silver, gold, kraft) 8" x 4.25" x 10"
  4. some prima flowers (an array of colors)
  5. some basketball + football brads
  6. assorted ribbon
  7. small wood-mounted alpha stamps (all caps old-world font)
What you have to do to be entered into the blog candy:
  • Leave a comment on your best memory or trip to Orlando or provide any tips for me on any attractions.
  • Only one comment person
  • U.S. or Canada can participate
  • Must leave a comment by Sunday, November 9 at 3:00 p.m. EST
I will post the winner using Random.Org on Sunday evening. Good luck to everyone!


Ann said...

I went to Orlando when I was 10. We went to Disney World, and my favorite part was the world of nations where you could "visit" other countries. I was in a street performance with some actors in "England." It was so fun!

Thanks for the chance to win! :D

p.s. I've got some blog candy to give away, too. If you're interested, stop by...

barb said...

I have been to Florida one time in my life and that was with a college singing group. Orlando....ahhh, such nice memories. ;) My best memory was Sea World. I could live there!! My worst memory....the sunburn I brought home with me. OUCH!

Nice blog candy and lovely blog. I'm so glad I found it. :)

barb hendrickson

Anonymous said...

I went to Orlando/Disney World in August and it was HOT as (you fill in the blank), so my 1st tip is never go to Orlando in August. My favorite attraction was Sea World, feeding and petting the dolphins was THE BEST!!

Catherine said...

Never been there :(
But I would love to go...SOMEDAY!
I'm such a Disney freak that it's a must...LOL!

I'm so jealous you're there and share pictures...LOT OF PICTURES.

Have a great time!

Angie Tieman said...

Congrats on 10,000 hits! Hope you're having some time to have fun in Orlando! I've only been once, at a SU Convention, which was awesome in and of itself! We did visit Downtown Disney on our free night and it was pretty cool. Here's the link!


Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 10k hits! Orlando is great. I don't have any attractions to share but I had a friend of mine who lived there for a few years on a lake and it was absolutely beautiful to see. I live in Maryland in the City and it's not too often I see that. Have a great time!

Life Full of Sunflowers said...

Ashley - first off congratulations on the 10,000 hits. That's wonderful. Next, I just want to say that I just love your blog - I visit everyday and am in awe of the creativity you have. I haven't been to Disney World yet but do hope to one day soon. I would like to share a memorable trip with you, however - my husband and I went to Nova Scotia two years ago on a motorcycle trip and it was the most amazing trip I have ever taken. The scenery is ... no words can explain how magnificent it is. Thank you for the opportunity to win and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous. I haven't been on any real exciting trips, but we went to an amusement park this year and my boys had so much fun so that was a great memory for me.

Karla said...

Well I have never been to Orlando either. I mean Disney or any of the parks there... :( I will go someday.

Last Summer I went to a park in PA holly molly.... I never felt so distress after yelling so much in those rides!!! I had fun

Those candies look and sound very yummy. Thanks, Ashley!

Charlene Austin said...

Hi Ash!! The only time I have been to Orlando was when we flew there to go to the Cruise. But we did manage to find time to go to Target! Now that was fun. Oh I wish we had Target in Canada!! Oh and Yes...I like to say Tar-Jay too. Just like Oprah! haha.

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