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Disney World

Yesterday, we did what most would consider impossible. We went to three Disney parks: (1) Animal Kingdom, (2) Hollywood Studios, and (3) Magic Kingdom. I have never been to Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios before. The last time I have been to the Magic Kingdom was when I was six years old, so I was quite interested in my perspective as an adult. I am not a Disney fan, but I do like travel and anything new, so this fell into that category. Animal Kingdom was interesting and if you're a fan of the zoo, then you'll enjoy this attraction. We went on a Safari, which was fun and got a chance to see many dangerous animals up close and personal, such as rhinoceros and cheetahs. They had many exhibits as well with explanations of the animals and their origin and way of life.

Next, we went to Hollywood Studios. We were not pleased with this attraction. We did enjoy the Indiana Jones show, but after that there was not much there. It looked like old Hollywood and it appeared they were adding some new attractions, such as American Idol soon. If you visit Disney World and are tight on time, I would suggest skipping this one!

And last on the list for the night was Magic Kingdom. The last time I was here was last year really, but I did not go to Magic Kingdom, only Epcot, so before that was when I was 18 on my senior class trip, but again, we only went to Pleasure Island in Downtown Disney (which is closed now). So, the last time I visited Magic Kingdom was when I was six years old and there was no monorail! So, riding that was fun by itself, although I frequently ride Metro at home, it was just neat! Magic Kingdom was mostly the same, but I had a different experience because this time I was there at night. There were still quite a few people with their children there for a fall night. They did many shows and parades as well. We rode the Speedway cars, which are so much harder to steer than a regular car. Why is that?! Then, I saw the tea cups, which is my most memorable ride/moment at Disney, so we had to ride those. I had a few pictures that Mac took of me, but I'd rather not share! hee Afterthat, we rode the carousel for old times sake. We also went on the new renovated It's a Small World attraction. The last ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, which was neat to see Jack Black and all of the pirates and items in a show.

Here are a few photos:

Parrot @ Animal Kingdom

Tigers @ Animal Kingdom
Monkey @ Animal Kingdom

Elephants on Safari @ Animal Kingdom

THE Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom with holiday decor (already)

Today, we are going to try to go to Sea World and Universal Studios (my personal favorite). But, I really want to go to the Florida Mall as well, so Sea World may get the boot! hee

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Charlene Austin said...

Great pics!! It sounds like you are having the best time ever! Thank you for sharing with us!!

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