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Mac :: The Talker :: Happy Birthday

Well, today is Mac's birthday! This posting is dedicated to him and his 32 years of life. Mac, the talker. I don't mean that in a bad way at all, but he is just that...a talker! He can talk to anyone about anything. He has what we call, the gift of gab. I think he got the trait from his father, Dr. Newell, who also was great with words and lit up a room with his presence. Some call it charisma or charm, but I like to call him, the talker!

I'm not a big talker, but Mac's talkative side has helped me to come out of my shell. He has talked his way into a lot of things. Not that he is not deserving, but he just has that effect on people. Here are some quick stories.

--We're at Lens Crafters getting our yearly eyeglasses and he wants those lens cleaning wipes, but for free, well he asks and the sales lady laughs and does not give them to him for free, but she lets him have a discount! My jaw drops and cannot believe it, but it always seems to work!

--He is a self-taught web developer/designer. He interviewed for positions and talked his way into getting a great job that has afforded us the ability to travel, eat good, and live well! Gotta love a talker!

--Just this week, he was heading back on the plane from California. He talked his way to upgrading his seat to a higher 'class.' He never flashes money, just asks with sincerity and it works to his advantage.

--He wrote to producers of TLC's Perfect Proposal. They loved his letter and invited him to propose on their show. So, not only can he talk in person, but he can write effectively too!

--He wrote to Susan G. Komen's Circle of Promise to become an event photographer during his first year of his photography venture. Another one of his abilities plays out advantageously!

Mac's talking ability is great! It is one of his traits that I love about him. His talkative skill is not car salesman-like (no pun intended), but a very genuine approach. This week while he was away, it was so quiet here. I missed hearing him talk. I wish everyone could converse with him because you would enjoy it!

Happy Birthday, Mac! I love how much you talk to me and I wouldn't change that part of you for the world! Now...let's talk!


Masculine cards are very challenging (for me, at least). I was inspired by Unity Stamp Co. This is The Time stamp set that I got @CHA SuperShow. The sentiment is very 'us' and I wanted to create patterned paper with it. Some of the words include: forever, believe, dream, family, use, forever, together, us, life, always you, me, sometimes, all, about, today. Those words made me think of Mac and how much he enjoys life, dreaming, and being inspired.

I was also inspired by Mac's Ed Hardy shirt (he is wearing it tonight). The colors are very bright and vibrant and I wanted his card to show that too (kinda)! Get inspiration from anywhere and anything!

Card Instructions
  1. Trim enchanted evening cardstock to an A2 card.
  2. Trim kraft cardstock and create patterned paper by stamping sentiment repeatedly.
  3. Adhere pure poppy + dark chocolate and summer sunrise cardstocks together.
  4. Stamp polka dot pattern at the top.
  5. Wrap twine around pure poppy cardstock, then add button.
  6. Stamp sentiment and add brown buttons.
  7. Adhere to card front.
:: My Goodies {happy birthday husband} ::
Stamps: Papertrey Ink - women of life + men of life + polka dot 2; Unity Stamp Co - this is the time
Ink: Stampin' Up! - chocolate chip; Papertrey Ink - enchanted evening + summer sunrise
Cardstock: Papertrey Ink - kraft + pure poppy + enchanted evening + summer sunrise + dark chocolate
Accessories: Papertrey Ink - twine + buttons
Card Size: 4.25" x 5.5"


Winter said...

So nice! I bet he loved it! I have always been the talker, but when my husband was called to the ministry and became a pastor, he became the talker! Me and the kids are always waiting on him, everywhere we go, we call him the politician! :)

Anonymous said...


Great post Ash! Y'all are the sweetest couple! I hope y'all have a great day together!

Love the card too! (That goes without saying!)

Charlene Austin said...

Happy Birthday Mac!!! Hope it was a GREAT day. You two have a wonderful weekend.

Ash this is a perfect masculine card.

claudia shadler said...

Happy Birthday Mac! Wow, seems like a very wonderful person and full of energy! You know him inside out it seems, hehe :D What a lovely card and it awesome, very masculine indeed. Like you I have a difficult time making masc. cards, which is weird because I'm not a girly girl, hmmm....

Clouds :D

itsallrosi said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome husband!

love the card, too!

Takisha said...

Happy Birthday Mac! I hope you enjoy your day.

Kate Lewis said...

Ah, what a lovely post Ashley - I loved reading your stories about Mac, he sounds an absolute gem! Happy Birthday Mac! I hope you have a lovely weekend - I'm sure he'll love his card, it's perfect! Hugs Kate x

kari said...

Happy Birthday Mac!

Heather P. said...

Such a fun card! Happy birthday, Mac... Hope it's GREAT! :)

naomi chokr said...

yup he is a talker and you're right not in a car sales man kind of way. or even a too chatty way like me who talks faster than my brain can handle. he has a very sincere way of talking and is really approachable ...i think i bonded with him first before we even got the chance to chit chat at the show. we truly enjoyed his company during dinner. what a ladies man too!!!

Happy Birthday Mac!!!! Hope you have an awesome year. You have an awesome gift.... lets see how you can sweet talk Amir into upgrading Ashleys stone to a 3 ct??? nah lets go for a 4 or 5 hahah!!

Create Fabulous said...

Happy Birthday Mac!! You two are so adorably in love and it was just awesome to see that at the c.h.a. and through your blog - i hope you both have a wonderful day celebrating!

Angie Tieman said...

Happy Birthday, Mac!! I think we would get along great! Such a sweet, heartfelt post, very nice to read!

Janelle said...

What a nice tribute to your husband, Ashley. I'm sure he loves the card -- and all the nice words you wrote here. Funny, my husband is the talker in the family, too. I'm a little more reserved, especially with strangers, but he'll talk to anyone at anytime. Last year he got us a great deal on the fabric to recover our dining room chairs just by being nice to the lady at the cash register. It amazes me, too! Happy Birthday, Mac! Enjoy your day!!

Stamping Cafe said...

Oh what a nice and sweet post, Ashley! What a fabulous card, I'm sure he loves it!!

Happy Birthday, Mac!!

~kelly marie~ said...

What a wonderful post! Happy birthday to your hubby!!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Mac!! I love to hear married couples gush about their spouses! Thanks for encouraging all of us to let that partner for life know how much they are appreciated! Have a super day~

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mac!!!!! Awesome guy card Ashley! The colors are FABU!

Anthonette said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mac!

I know I would like Mac if I met him. I know what you mean about a "talker". My SIL's boyfriend is like Mac. They can talk to anyone. I'm definitely not a talker.

That card is perfect, Ashley! Love the twine and button details.

Regan said...

perfect proposal...OMG I probably watched that episode too..that is sooooo cool

great card!

Savitri said...

Happy belated bday!!!! Your Mac sounds like my Drew. That boy can talk himself into anything. He hasn't tried for jobs yet tho. Being in the military as a career gave him some limitations in that department :P

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