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5 Minute Hair Accessories

Hey Bleeps! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! McArthur and I started watching True Blood. We're newbies, so we were just trying to see if we liked it...well, now we're on edge to finish Season 1. We used our NetFlix to see the first couple of episodes and now cannot wait to see the rest. I did not think I'd like it, but it's so good. I keep quoting sayings from the episodes and it's been really funny - odd - but funny!

I went to a crab fest this weekend. Sorry, no pictures of crabs...trust me, it would've ended up being a pile of...well, nothing you'd like to see! I LOVE crabs, not crab legs, but good 'ole Maryland steamed crabs. I think we ate them out of crabs by the end of the night! I've been eating crabs since a child. Not sure if you all know, but I grew up in Maryland and this is a huge part of Maryland's food culture. Knowing how to eat a crab is a true technique and I'm so happy to have this skill down pat! Maybe I'll share a glimpse of this after our Independence Day feast!

Anyway, I really didn't create much, but I did make lots of altered project plans. I also was able to squeeze in a good five minutes Sunday morning to make my sister the hair clips, pictured above. I showed you all these cute flowers in my video here.

Let's all thank my sister for sharing the photos above! While on my visit, I made these and didn't bring my camera, so she took shots of these later on!! Check her out modeling them!

The hair clips are new, but recycled from clips I purchased this past weekend. I liked the clips (that I purchased), but have plans to use the embellishments on another project. So, instead of discarding the clips (that were adhered to the embellishments I will use on another project), I decided to remove them from the embellishments and adhere them to the K&Co flowers to make new hair accessories!

Don't forget to reuse new or old tools you may have in your stash!

I love making my own handmade embellishments, but sometimes you luck up and find great handmade embellishments already assembled. By purchasing those, you could create hair accessories in no time flat. The cost of the pre-assembled flower embellishments were under $4, maybe even $3 and definitely worth it, to me. This technique allowed me to make three new hair accessories in five minutes on a Sunday morning. However, if you plan to make lots and lots of them or if you have the supplies already, it's definitely worth going the extra mile. I share how to do so below in the Tips & Tricks section!

I'll share the future altered projects with you when I complete them...hopefully before the summer ends! haha

  1. Remove foam adhesive from backs of flowers.
  2. Adhere flowers to hair clips.
  3. Let dry.

Tips & Tricks
  • Create your own handmade flower embellishments by hand cutting circles. You bend the ends by using a lighter to fire the edges of the circles, which will allow them to curl up a bit. Note of caution: Be careful with fire and fabric!
  • Layer the circles and add a beat to the top. Embellish with feathers! Back the flowers with a small felt scrap to adhere to the hair accessory clip, whether it be a headband, bobby pin, or clip as I used.
  • Adhesive Endorsement - HELMAR :: Here, I used Helmar's liquid adhesive 450 Quick Dry. It dries clear! Their adhesives are very strong and dry fast. I use a lot of their adhesives for gemstones, fabric, paper, foam adhesive and so much more! I highly recommend checking them out here.


Embellishments :: K&Co - handmade satin flowers
Tools :: Helmar - 450 quick dry liquid adhesive; Craft Supply - hair clips

Thanks for your visit! I appreciate each of you so much! Thank you for your feedback on the World Market store. I believe their are plenty more in my area that are open, they just closed my local store. Yes, lettuce allergies exist! Yes, it is odd, but it is what it is! We just eat spinach a lot like Popeye the sailor man!

To show my appreciation for my Bleeps, I've prepared a small giveaway for you coming soon, possibly today or maybe tomorrow, just be on the look out!


Amy said...

Love those hair clips - so cute!

Smita said...

Really nice!!

Savitri said...

I have three pieces of flowers sitting on my desk for a week now? I cut them out but I couldn't for the life of me find my thread and I have no idea where UK folks buy them. URGH!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are sooo gorgeous!! Such a great idea!

Laura.K said...

Wow. Thanks. I love those flowers. I just bought from IKEA some fabric, and I was just looking for a nice tutorial about those flowers.


Unknown said...

This is a very nice project. I would also love to make those flowers and will add to my daughter's tons of hair accessories' collection. Thanks! =

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