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Nanny's Fried Corn

Hi there! I hope you're having a great week! I decided to not post a project today, but I did want to share some food! :) You all know I appreciate my "feedings!" The summer time to me means fresh fruits and vegetables that you cannot always get year-round. we have a local farmer's market that I like to visit on Saturday mornings, but unfortunately I haven't gotten the chance just yet. But, that doesn't mean I can't get any fresh foods! I picked up some fresh white corn from my local grocery and green beans from Costco (ha)!

Fried corn is a staple in our family. My grandmother made it and boy could she throw down in the kitchen. I like to think that I got some skills from her, although deep down I know she was much better! Whenever we have a good 'down home meal,' fried corn is on the menu. To clear up any confusion with the term, "fried," it's basically stir fried in oil, but not deep battered fried!

I picked up a dozen ears of corn. A great tip is to shuck the corn before you leave the grocery store. Many stores now have huge trash cans stationed next to the corn to allow customers this 'shucking convenience!' This will save you prep time in the kitchen and also a lot of clean up too! You can select white, yellow, or mixed corn. I like mixing fried corn with white and yellow, but this time I forgot! The look of it is so cute!

Regarding the photo of the tools. Last year, I found that little yellow tool. It has plastic 'fingers' and I use it to clean the corn. It is a very soft brush and removes most of the silk. The other tool is by Oxo and I found it at Williams-Sonoma I believe. It is supposed to be used to cut the corn from the cob. I used it this time and did not really like it. I think because there is a learning curve to it, so for now I went back to my trusty knife (also from Williams-Sonoma, which is where that little yellow tool was probably purchased too)!

Anyway, here's how I make my version (not my Nanny's by the way, but close I add an extra kick if you can guess which ingredient that is). The hardest part of making fried corn is cutting it from the cobs! If you watch TV and do it, you'll feel better! I have a iHome in my kitchen and usually sing really loud and dance hard too! :)

By the way, I made a little plate for my sister. She LOVES fried corn and her birthday is coming up, so I'm going to head over to DC and drop some off to her for lunch today!

  1. Shuck corn.
  2. Clean corn and remove silk.
  3. Cut kernels from cob using knife or tool. Be careful not to cut all the way to the core.
  4. Using the back side of the knife, scrape each cob to get the milk or 'juice' from the cob.
  5. Add oil to pan and heat.
  6. Add corn.
  7. Season corn with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.
  8. Stir constantly. Corn will stick if you leave it there - NOT GOOD - trust me! :)
  9. Depending on size of corn ears, makes 4-6 good helpings.

12 ears of fresh corn (white, yellow, or mixed)
2-3 Tbsp corn oil
Pinches of salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper

**Alternative recipe: Add some heavy cream and flour to the recipe and create a more cream-style fried corn. Use butter instead of oil, but either would really work!

Thanks for visiting today! I hope you will try some fried corn one day!


Kathleen said...

LOVE this---I haven't thought of it in years---thanks for the reminder!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I will surly try this, it sounds heavenly!

Eveline said...

Corn is not really big in The Netherlands but I love it. I put corn on the BBQ and then eat it with a little! butter.
I also use Wüsthof knives in the kitchen, the oldest knife I've had for 17 years know and as I sharpen them regularly I know they will last me at least another 17 years, at the moment I have 7 Wüsthof knives and use them every day.

jan metcalf said...

Mmmmmmm....thanks for sharing!

Smita said...

Nice!!! Will surely try this... We have corn on the cob mostly and sometimes steamed kernels with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Hugs from across the oceans,

Anabelle O'Malley said...

Yum!! I love fresh cut corn. One of my favorite recipes is really similar to this. I do it in a bit of butter and add shrimp and chopped basil and scallion. Seved with hot sauce, it's the best!!

Unknown said...

OMG! Ashley... You know I LUV fried corn and I used to love when Nanny would ask me to come help! The one secret that many may not know about Nanny's fried corn is she ALWAYS used left over bacon grease in her corn. Believe me you can really taste the difference! Yummmmmmmm... I haven't made this in a while..its about time I sprung this one on my husband. lol

Deborah Young said...

Girlfriend, you are making me hungry. @mskipper2000 - my mom used to use bacon grease too. She had a grease can on the stove next to the salt and pepper. Good grief!

Kathy Martin said...

This sounds so good! Corn on the cob is coming into season too! I'll have to give it a whirl! :)

Tiffany Pastor said...

OOH! Yay! I can't wait to try this recipe... I can't imagine summer time without eating corn! Thanks for the recipe!
Love Tiffany

20Birds said...

i just finished up radiation for throat cancer and am making a list of foods i will try when i can swallow again and this is going on that list. I had forgotten all about fried corn by my Big Mama made it all the time for us. I happened upon your blog and have been loving my visits... the photo of you by your Daddy's grave moved me, as i have a similar one taken at Arlington of me by my daddy's site. And turtles, i plan to make some of those too. Thanks for sharing your creativity here... and your passions. You are helping pass some of my recovery time.

Nichole said...

I just finished my lunch and it was DEEEEEEEE-LICIOUS! Thank you!

Laurel Beard said...

MMMMMM.. Looks yummy and actually looks like something I would be able to make (I am not that great of a cook)... Thanks for sharing.....

Anonymous said...

So Cool!
I have to try this!!!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Alice said...

i love corn and i may have to give this a try!! thanks for sharing!

BeverlyBL said...

Isn't fried corn just the best?!? Love, love, love it.

Jennifer Aviles said...

This.looks.delicious! Just like everything you make. :) Thanks for sharing!

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful card Ashley! That layered Spellbinders™ frame is gorgeous showcasing that ornate WM image!

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