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Embellish Color Challenge :: Scrapbook Layouts

Hey there! Happy Saturday to you! Yesterday, Embellish started a new color challenge and this one focuses on scrapbook layouts. I know, I rarely do them and usually I struggle, like on this one. I sometimes get stuck and it was a challenge for me. So, I ask you to join me in this challenge. The more you work at it, the better you get! We have a great sponsor for this challenge. Canvas Corp has offered a very generous prize pack with patterned paper, canvas, clothespins, and so much more. Check out what the other team members created. They didn't seem to have as much of a challenge as I did, but I wouldn't expect that because that's why they're on the team, right?! Click here.

I used patterned paper from the Chocolate and Vanilla collection (Big Stripes) + (Dot Reverse) as side borders. In between the paper, I included a jute twine border using this chocolate texture. The flower die cuts are old embellishments I picked up from my LSS and I think they're by Creative Imaginations or Creative Cafe, but not 100% sure, just a hunch from my memory about 2 years ago.

Here, I added some mini clothespins to hold the "ashley" banner I created using the canvas diamond die cuts. I cut the diamond die cuts in half to create the pennant banner. I also spritzed some Maya Mist on the top part of the layout to get that paint color. I used a brown and a red mist and sprayed very far away from my page to get that sprinkle effect.

About the photo:
This picture was taken by McArthur in Thailand. We rode the infamous train over River Kwai through the countryside. It was VERY HOT on that hour train ride. We ended here, at this market near Kanchanaburi. We returned the day after the train ride to shop a bit in this market. Even in early March, it is very hot in Thailand. I love the heat, but also enjoy a good refreshing beverage, which leads me to my purpose of this picture. I'm leaning against a huge "a" and in my world, it's for Ashley, but as I recall, it spelled WAR and I'm not quite sure why except for that the building the train system from Burma through Thailand caused a war because people were forced to build it.

Anyway, I'm drinking a Pepsi. This picture shows one of my last times enjoying a soda. I have not had a soda since July. I did not set out to make this a rule of law for me, but it sort of just happened. I was trying to limit my intake and next thing I remember, I realized a month passed since by last soda, so I decided to try for another week, another month, etc. Now, it's been four months since by last soda. Now, that may not sound all that news breaking, but for this soda drinker, it is!

In grad school while getting my MBA, I had night and online classes, so I would stay up really late to work on my projects and study, then wake up around noonish and get ready for my day. To keep me going, I'd drink 2-3 Pepsi's at once, like they were water. This was also the time I discovered my love for Thai food. I lived in a quaint studio apartment right across the street from what I believe is the BEST Thai restaurant ever - Thai Landing in Baltimore, MD. It's authentic and they always treated me like family. I think I ate there about 4 times a week and sometimes twice a day! haha

Anyway, I cut back since then, but kept drinking sodas. No, I'm not a Pepsi only drinker, I like Coke and Ginger Ale too! I can drink almost any soda, well I used to be able to at least!

I really should have titled the page, "The Last Soda" because that's how I feel when I see this picture. At the time the photo was taken, I had no idea it would be one of my last sodas and I enjoyed it!

So, whatever your photo is and whatever motive you have behind it, make sure you scrap it to capture that moment, feeling, and time period of what's going on! I challenge you, even if you are not a scrapper like me to join us for an Embellish challenge!

Blog Update - I will be changing my blog in the next week or so. I will be migrating to a new web address, which means if you follow me in your reader or via email, you will need to re-subscribe to a new feed. I apologize for any inconvenience, but each of you will benefit from the blog transfer because of the added features, such as my being able to reply to comments and so much more! Just wanted to warn you, it's happening VERY SOON! My Blogger site will always be available for as far as I know, I just will not have current posts from it; however, new visitors will be re-directed to the new blog! So stay tuned, I'm almost done with the design!

Thanks so much for visiting! Today, I'm off to try to decorate the house for the holidays and I get to see my friend's baby for the first time! Take care and have a great weekend!


Kristie Maynard said...

Whatever challenge it was for you to put this layout together, you overcame it. It is a fabulous layout. Love the picture! TFS!
Will be watching to hop over to your new blogsite!

Rosie said...

I recently came across your blog and I'm so glad I did! Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I love this layout....gorgeous. Makes me realize that I need to include more layouts of "me" in my own albums. Thanks for sharing your talent! Hugs, Rosemary

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