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I've Moved...

Hey there! I've finally finished my blog redesign and have moved...away from Blogger and onto my own dedicated web site. This will be my last post on the "blogspot" address. I've kept my new website address simple and just removed "blogspot" so you all can still find me!

I'd love to have each of my readers to join me on my continue journey on my new blog site. This will be the only time I change my blog site address. I now have full control over the capabilities and hope you will enjoy the changes as well.

Click Here

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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Super excited about your new blog--but I cannot open it. The link does not work--it gives me "ashleynewell.com Not Found". ???

So sorry! I can't wait to see everything--I bet it is FABBY!

Susie said...

Same as first comment - cannot open link.

Shelly said...

If you go straight to www.ashleynewell.com and don't use the link, you'll get there. :)

Ashley Cannon Newell said...

Sorry about the link confusion, but I corrected it and also posted the new site is www.ashleynewell.com and more links are on the sidebar!


Helen Philippousis said...

Congratulations on your new website!!!!

Paul schlacter said...

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