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Thanks a Bunch

I created this card simply to challenge myself. I try hard not to form into one particular paper artist mold so that my designs are diverse, bold, and new! So, this challenge required me to use a series of patterned paper. Personally, I do not like to use multiple patterned papers because they look mis-matched. However, after completing this card, I overcame my fear of too much patterns and liked the results. I framed it with ribbon and added a popped rectangle with a rub-on sentiment. Maybe I liked it because I used the color brown, one of my favorites when it comes to paper art!

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M. Newell said...

I think the pattern really pulls out a sesonal focus as well. I feel this works well on several levels. Pattern should not be something used mildly in paper art; instead, have it cause a layering effect - much like you have successfully accomplished on this card! Way to go! It is amazing what can be created through the accomplishment of overcoming our fears:)! I love it!

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