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Paper Source: A Review

Sorry I did not post anything yesterday, but I was having a 'fun day.' Among a few other things, I visited Paper Source in Georgetown (picture courtesy of Paper Source). I've heard so much about the store and probably walked passed it hundreds of times since I frequently visit Georgetown having grown up about 30 minutes away. I'm sure I looked into the storefront and probably thought, "they have nothing for me." Little did I know, it would be one of the most fascinating paper art stores I've ever visited! It is located right off of M Street, near 3oth Street. They have another location in Alexandria too! Click here for a list of their locations.

The handmade paper they carry is absolutely fabulous! I purchased a couple of sheets and tried to limit myself since it was my first visit! Their ribbon and its packaging is great! On the upper level, they carry a wide variety of envelopes and paper/pre-scored cards. I really like this feature since Recollections closed. As opposed to Recollections, they offer a broader selection of colors and styles of envelopes/paper. I tend to stick with the neutrals (white, cream, khaki) or light colors because sometimes mailing a black envelope is not the best idea! On darker color envelopes, you would have to use a light mailing sticker, which may take away from the color. If I am hand delivering a card, I may use a darker color because it allows me to use a white or metallic marker to address the outer envelope. Speaking of envelopes, their designs are cute and allow you to line the inner envelope, perhaps to match the card! They offer a tutorial of this process, along with numerous others, on their web site!!

The staff was helpful, but apprehensive about customers destroying the paper. There were signs everywhere about handling the handmade paper. So, I warn you, handle the handmade paper carefully and ask for help if you are short like me and can't reach the top! They offer a wide selection of rubber stamps. Many of the stamps are unique; whereas, some are the typical alphabet or numbers for the bride-to-be who makes everything with her new initials! This store also includes many creative ideas for the mom-to-be. Their selection of embossing powders is grand! They offer every color imaginable.

Paper Source offers great inspiration and creative ideas for those who want to create and design their own handmade invitations or use their special printing service. During my visit, I noticed a couple visiting with a Paper Source representative. So, they provide special attention, so your invitation is something creative.

On another note, I am currently working on Mother's Day projects, so please e-mail me early if you are interested! I just got a new shipment of stamps for Mother's and Father's Day, as well as great new embellishments and other bold and new ideas to add to my paper creations! As an update on my web site, it is due to start at the end of the month. Hopefully, it will be complete in May or at the latest, June! I'll provide updates as it is coming along. This week, I'll post some great shots of our fun weekend from a scholarship gala to the cherry blossoms, along with some inspirational cards! Enjoy the remainder of the weekend and I'll 'see' you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley! I too have walked by the Paper Source (Alexandria) and wondered about what they have for me! You have inspired me to walk through the door next time I am downtown! I can't wait to check out the envelopes and prescored cards...

Julia Aston said...

I love the Paper Source store here in Boston - I've taken several book making classes there - they are terrific and have great supplies and fun 'stuff'. I got my envelope templates from them too!

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