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Blogiversary Blog Candy - Day 1

This weekend (and Monday), I'm celebrating my 1-year "Blogiversary" by having a few freebies! Today, I grabbed a few items in my stash, some old...some new, but are are bold materials to be made into something new!

My Reflections

The past year has gone by so fast. I can't believe I have been blogging non-stop for a year! I remember when I considered starting a blog and discussed it with Mac. My goal was to post something at least once a week. Little did I know that a blog would motivate me to create and post more. I had no idea I was a "blogger." I actually enjoy it. In the beginning, I would plan my postings with topics I thought would be helpful or of interest. Soon, the postings just started flowing. The blog helped me work up the nerve to be bolder and try different techniques to develop my own style, which is partially how I got the name "A New Design"...something bold...something new. The other part is because "A New" is a part of my name and I was starting anew. I remember when I first started how only my family and supportive friends read my blog. That was really nice, but I wanted more people to see what I created. I wondered, "is anyone else even interested in reading or just looking at my blog?"

After attending Summer CHA in Chicago last year, I saw all of the possibilities, which inspired me to create more...much more! I saw Nichole Heady and Dawn McVey nearby, but was too shy to introduce myself, thinking, "what would they think about me saying hi?" Now, I kick myself for not saying "Hi...I love PTI!" and walking off. How silly of me right? Oh how I've grown since last year.

Last summer, I also launched A New Design online store, where I sell some of my cards. I've really slacked off on this portion, but plan to get it up and running VERY soon to sell this HUGE stack of cards I have sitting in my room.

I soon started submitting my projects for contests and publication calls and made that my new focus. All of the hard work and time I've put in has definitely paid off. I've been a featured PTI Guest Star Stamper and also in their newsletter. This month, my first card was published in CARDS magazine...WOW! How ironic is that? One year from the date I started my blog that I'd be published in a magazine. It was always one of my goals and I'm still shocked I achieved it.

But, more than anything I am happy that I have fellow paper crafters who read my blog. That always amazes me because I remember when no one did! I've gone from 30 readers last March to 200 readers as of yesterday. That makes me more happy than ever. I appreciate each of you who browse, read, comment, or just look at the blog.

I hope to continue crafting this year and will try making more bolder projects using new techniques, all crafted into my style. What can I say? I just can't get enough!

The Contents
  • 4 ft. Making Memories Seafoam Loop Trim
  • 4 ft. Nashville Wraps double-sided striped grosgrain ribbon
  • Inkadinkado rubber heart stamp (like new)
  • Inkadinkado rubber Easter stamp (like new)
  • Prima paper flowers
  • Maya Road felt buttons
  • Making Memories Funky Vintage chipboard buttons
  • Making Memories Funky Vintage pattern paper (six 6"x 6" sheets)
The Rules
  • You may enter ONE time. Multiple entries will be deleted.
  • Enter by commenting on this posting on what you would like to see for tomorrow's blog candy.
  • Contest will run from posting date/time through Saturday, 11:59PM ET.
  • One winner will be selected to win the items listed above by Random.org number generator.
  • Drawing will be posted on Sunday morning (along with a new blog candy to win)!
Good luck, ladies and thanks so much for stopping by!


Lisa said...

Congratulations on the anniversary! Your creations are beautiful. I would love to see you give away one of your amazing cards.

Lisa M

Fiorella said...

I've just diwcovered your blog...It's amazing! I'd like you give away one of your card, they are so nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of that GORGEOUS satin ribbon you use! By the way I Love LOVE LOVe your blog & style! Angel

Regan said...

Congrats on your anniversary..I laughed when you said you were too shy to talk to certain people..LOL

I'm sure whatever you put up with me awesome!!! I agree with giving away one of your cards,,that would be a nice addition!!

Meda said...

Hello, I admire your simple and elegant style and what stroke me in the first place was your elegant blog design. Then I lost your blog and had to desperately search for it in my browse history to find it. Now I am one of your e-mail subscribers and I always look forward to seeing what new Item you create.
I have never wo a blog candy and I honestly don't care what you have for tomorrow. I just came here to tell you that your work is appreciated even if I don't have time to comment. I am sorry I am too busy for that but please know that I look at everything you create so keep on the good work!
Hugs from Romania,

Gina Sisco said...

Ashley, Your blog is total eye candy and as a PTI lover it is an extra treat!! I would love to have some of your cards to drool over. Congrats on your publication and expect to see many, many more. Best wishes. Gina S

Oralia said...

Ashley, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! Thank you for a year of hard work and creativity - I really enjoy your creations and look forward to another year of them! A card give-away would AWESOME!!

Nancy said...

Congrats on your blogaversary! I check your blog out everyday for inspiration!! Congrats on getting published! Anything you have would be great blog candy!

Karla said...

Happy bloganiversary!!!!! And many mooooooore. I would love to see as blog candy more of those pruducts you couldn't live without...many thanks for a whole year of great cards and for sharing part of your life of

Kim L. said...

Congratulations on your blog journey! Although I subscribe to many blogs (I've really got to unsubscribe some...it's getting way out of hand!), your blog is one of the top 5 that I make sure I read first. Can you give away a chunk of your talent? ;-)
(I hope this isn't a duplicate entry - I had to go grab my coffee and I think the word verification changed on me!)

Hanne said...

Oh I love your blog!
I stumbled upon your blog just today via the topic on the PTI forum!
I do not have an opinion on what your next blog candy could/should be, one can be very grateful you give away blog candy!

Congrats on the blogaversary!!

Charlene Austin said...

Oh Happy Bloggaversary my friend!! Time sure does fly by when your having fun!! Keep up the great work.

Lynn said...

Your cards are beautiful. I read your blog daily and look forward to it. Tomorrows candy should include ribbons.


Devon said...

Hi Ashley,

I am a new subscriber to your blog and a new blogger myself. I have recently become completely obsessed with following peoples blogs, because it's so inspiring to see what other people are creating. As someone new to card making and bloging, I have to say that I am thrilled to have found your blog. I adore your simply elegant style. I also love PTI (even though I don't have any of their products yet) and love to see what you do with their items.

And... I can say this because I know you're using a random number generator and this will not be seen as trying to sway your opinion at all... can I just say that you're a knock out? Wow! Style and beauty!

Thanks for doing what you do and sharing it with us.


Melissa said...

Congrats on your blogaversary! You have a beautiful style and I love stopping by your blog to see what you've created!

NancyS said...

Congratulations, Ashley, on your one-year blogiversary. You've created SO MUCH in that year and shared your special style so generously with all of us!

If you select a few of your favorite embellishments for your blog celebration, you cannot go wrong.

Again, thanks for all you do.

Marg said...

Congratulations. I have only been looking at your blog for a couple of months, but I love your designs. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Janet Z said...

Congrats on your blogaversary! I have to tell you that I check in almost everyday and love your creations. I hate to ask for anything specific but I would love to get my hands on anything PT.

Heather in FL said...

Happy Blogoversary! I love seeing everything you post, even if I don't always leave a note. But I appreciate you sharing your creativity with us, and I congratulate you on your success. I was gonna say to share some of the bitty dots paper, but I think someone else's suggestion of sharing one of your cards as blog candy is a great idea!

Ronna said...

Congratulations on your success this year. It is just great you are seeing some of your dreams realized. I really enjoy the style you have developed - very stylish and sophisticated and not overdone. I follow your blog daily for new inspiration. Any blog candy is always appreciated by a winner but I'm sure some of those fabulous ribbons or one of your cards would be a thrill. Thanks again for sharing your world with all.

-Agnes- said...

Congratlulations! For tomorrow's blog candy, I would like to see ribbons and sentiments. Thanks for the chance to win.

Areletha said...

Beautiful eye candy!! I love looking at your blog AND I love your cards and I do agree that one of your cards would be a wonderful thing for you to give away - but just anything would be wonderful. Congrats on your first year - hope you have many, many more.

Mindy E. said...

Congrats on a year! I just found your site a few weeks ago, and I really love your style. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us!

Sharon said...

I love how you are able to take just a few items or colors, and create such striking and bold cards! I'm still trying to figure out my "style" but you have sure found yours! Congrats on one year. I think something PTI or some of your cards would be a super blog candy!

Sandy said...

Happy Blogaversary! I love seeing what you have created. I think some patterned paper would make good blog candy! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas with us.

Anonymous said...

You deserve all this love! Your cards rock and I love visiting your blog and seeing all the new ideas you come up with! Happy Blogaversary?

Tertia said...

I agree with everybody, I would love to 'own' one of your cards mand some nice ribbon is always welcome too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Congratulations on your anniversary. Your blog is fun to read and truly inspiring. I would love to have you write about your website and if you are selling cards online. I enjoy making cards but would love to find a way to sell them so I can make more!!! Your candy looks wonderful also. Take care and congrats again.

Claire Brennan said...

Congratulations Ashley!! your blog is one I always visit when I'm looking for style and grace!! BTW I respectfully omit myself from the draw as I don't expect you to postage would be too much for Ireland.

Kim said...

Way to go on the anniversary! I love your style and enjoy seeing your creations....anything you have to share for "candy" will be wonderful. I am a personal fan of ribbons and papers.

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