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Scotch ATG 714/700: A Review

I know...I know...what in the world is that?! When I first saw someone using this at a crop I attended, I have to admit, I laughed, but not for long! This is one of the best investments I own in my paper crafts supply kit. I recommend investing in a "mega tape dispenser." This product was originally made for framers and has now transferred to scrapbookers! Pictured to the left is the Scotch ATG 714, which I own! It holds up to 60 yards of transfer tape! This applicator is to be used with 1/4-inch Scotch adhesive tape, so it is ideal if you work with smaller craft projects. You can get acid-free tape or not.

Pictured to the right, is the Scotch ATG 700. It holds either 1/4-inch or 3/4-inch Scotch tapes, so it is more versatile in sizes. However, when switching tape sizes, you must add an attachment for it to properly work. It holds over 60 yards of adhesive.

This is the most tricky part you will have to learn when first using your adhesive gun. Reading the directions is a good start, but didn't quite sink in for me, so I ventured out and found a web site with a downloadable video for future use. However, after about the second time of loading the tape into the dispenser, I was confident and experienced! When you go to this web site, click on the ATG 700 image for a video of a thorough explanation!

Using the Dispenser
To use the tape dispenser, you must depress the trigger and pull the gun in the direction you need to tape to be placed. It glides easily and evenly. Most importantly, it provides a strong hold for your projects, not leaving them to fall apart at a later time!

The initial cost of the transfer gun is quite expensive, but it will pay for itself if you are using a smaller tape dispenser. You can find the tape dispenser online at places such as Overstock or Ebay ranging from $20-$70. I purchased my dispenser on Ebay in a bundle to include 6 tape refills so I would be good to go for a few months...yes MONTHS! I purchased my dispenser in January and have 3 dispensers left and have made countless projects. The tape lasts a long time and is reasonable. The 60-yard tape refill runs about $4-$5, which is the same price as a smaller tape refill, but with the ATG, you get much more tape for your money.

Pitfall or Operator Error
There is only one disadvantage I have come across with using my tape dispenser. I am having a problem with it about halfway through the tape where the tension gets tight and the feed breaks, which causes me to have to re-load the tape again. This is a serious problem because it is much more difficult to load the tape once adhesive is exposed. So, what I started doing was not using the dispenser and just using the tape, similar to how you would use tacky tape. I think my problem is "operator error," so please do not take my disadvantage seriously! I have been trying to fix this error and am getting better, so soon I hope to use it without any problem. It may be defective adhesive, so I'm going to order some more and try again!

As an added component, I purchased a wooden stand to store my adhesive gun. When frantically working on any project, adhesive can easily be lost under piles of paper, so this was a great find! This seller customized the wood stand to fit the Scotch ATG Adhesive Dispenser like a glove. I requested a plain stand and decorated it myself. I painted it with acrylic and added stickles and patterned paper to embellish it.

If I Knew then What I Know Now
Just because I purchased a Scotch ATG 714 does not mean it is the best mega adhesive tape dispenser out there. I just came across a new one featured on Oh My Crafts. The Crop & Glue - GlueGlider MAX is a new product that offers 114 feet of adhesive. It costs about $40 and the adhesive refills are priced at $13-$16 depending on your choice of permanent or repositionable tape. The refills are more expensive than the ATG version; however, they are much easier to install. The refills simply pull out to remove and push in to install! I'd say that's worth a few more dollars, especially if you have a hard time loading tape dispensers! With any of the large tape dispensers, I'd highly recommend investing in one, rather than continuing to get the $5 refills (even if you have a coupon) because those costs add up and keep you running to the store!

Updated Review

Click here for an updated review of the 3M ATG 714 applicator, regarding defective manufacturing!

Click here for an updated results after fixing my applicator.

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Anonymous said...

3M had some defective 714's that were sent out end of 2007 or early 2008. If you have one of those it could explain your problem with the tightness of the tape, etc. You may be eligible for an exchange!

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