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Scrapbooks Plus - A Review

In January, I went to Scrapbooks Plus in Chantilly, VA for the first time. Although I was aware of Scrapbooks Plus' existence, I never visited probably due to me being an avid shopper at Recollections, prior to its closing. My venture to Scrapbooks Plus started out bumpy. Normally, I have a great sense of direction and do not get lost; however, this time I'll have to admit I got a little turned around. I think my main problem was that I had the old address where Scrapbooks Plus was previously located, which put me on the other side of Rt. 50. Once I found the old location, there were directions on how to find the new location...duh! I'm not sure how I had the old location, but I got it from somewhere! Finally, I found the store that resides in a warehouse style location.

The store appears small when you enter, not knowing it opens up in the rear. I was not a big fan on how the store was organized or designed. I was a little confused and walked through it a couple of times to make sure I didn't miss anything. The categories with relevant papers and embellishments were organized well, it was just a little congested. There was a crop area in the back where they hold classes/crops. They had a wide variety of merchandise that I really appreciated. They even carried a line of the local high schools, which I think is extra special.

I was not offered any assistance or help during this visit. When I purchased a few items, I personally signed up for the newsletter e-mail list and the cashier asked if I wanted to purchase a Scrapbooks Plus key tag. I've received a few newsletters and they inform you on new classes, workshops, and recently a design team.

The key tag is a promotional campaign that you can purchase for $2. When you make a purchase, your key tag is punched for each $5 increment from your pre-tax total. When you fill up your key tag, you can redeem it to receive $15 merchandise certificate. I think this is a great special for the frequent shoppers because these supplies can seriously add up fast! Although I did not like the design of the key tag, I accepted it and placed it in my wallet, instead of on my key ring; it's already overloaded!

The store offers many classes and the web site shows a calendar along with the samples of items you will create in the class. They also have featured teachers that are highly recommended, which is great.

I visited Scrapbooks Plus on a Wednesday, mainly because of their 40% coupon day! On their web site, you can print a 40% coupon off of any regular priced item for every Wednesday. I've been trying to re-visit the store, but have not. I think there was a disconnect between me and the store in which I did not identify myself with it. This is an important component of store branding, marketing, and merchandising where retailers need to place the 'gotta have it' factor to all of their visitors to make returns inevitable. Can you tell I was a marketing major in college?!

Recently, I have discovered many scrapbook, stamp, and card supply vendors online and by catalog. I'll discuss the stamping vendor comparisons in another blog later! So far, I have not felt the need to re-visit Scrapbooks Plus. Perhaps it's because I've ordered so much 'stuff' that I really don't need anything now...a serious possibility! However, I'm sure I will soon, but it will definitely be on a Wednesday! Really, there are not any other scrapbook suppliers in the Northern Virginia area besides Michael's, AC Moore, JoAnn Fabrics. I have come across My Home Scrapbook Store located in Bristow, VA where she actually makes home deliveries. I have not visited or received a delivery yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to let you know!

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