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Wine and All that Jazz

Today, I decided to share one of my common gifts...wine and all that jazz! I went to a friends/family 40th surprise birthday celebration a few weeks ago and decided to give her a bottle of wine. Handing a bottle of wine to the gift recipient is lovely and very thoughtful, but looks much better with a card that matches the bottle packaging. First, I designed the card using American Crafts Tomato Basil patterned paper and Archiver's 5x5 card. I stamped the present and enjoy using Timber Brown StazeOn ink. I added green ribbon and red jewel brads. Once the card was complete, I used leftover patterned paper to cover the bulk of the wine bottle. I dressed this wine up with a green strip and decorated it with jeweled stickers to make a button-down shirt effect. I added a green and red ribbon, both tied in bows. Together, they make an attractive couple I must say! This gift received much attention at the party! By the way, I gave a Pinot Noir!

On my upcoming "Shopping" web site, I plan to offer a selection of gift bags, including wine containers with matching cards, so you too can be the talk of the party! So, keep checking, as I am working on paper art to sell on the web site.

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