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Celebrity Babies of 2008...and some cards too!

Babies, Babies, and more Babies! I can't seem to get babies out of my head! I've been working hard on many baby related requests, such as "welcome baby," "baby showers," and "baptisms." Everyone is having a baby in 2008! It all started last year when I heard my neighbors were expecting! Shortly after, I got the news my co-worker and his wife were expecting! Then, of course, there are all of the celebrities. I usually do not get too bogged down in the celebrity news, but the baby buzz is strikingly odd this year! So, I decided to drop a few of the many names of the 2008 babies or soon-to-be. For me, it all started with Christina Aguilera (Jordan Bratman), Nicole Ritchie (Joel Madden - sidebar...I actually worked with them (Benji/Joel) in high school at the mall - too funny), Jennifer Lopez (Marc Anthony), and Halle Berry (Gabriel Aubry). But don't be disappointed, there are many more babies to come; here are some expecting: Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling, Nicole Kidman, Gwen Stefani, Laila Ali, Lisa Marie Presley, Matthew McConaughey (Camilla Alves), and Matt Damon (Luciana Barroso Damon). The list continues on... If you so choose, visit the list of celebrity babies at the Celebrity Baby Blog where I gathered all of my information for this post!

As for my local celebrities, both my neighbor and co-worker had girls! I've been very busy creating 'baby paper art' for people I know and others I don't! Here are a couple of my most recent creations. I decided to make a series since I liked them so much! And keep the babies coming...they make this world peaceful!

The card pictured above includes four panels of patterned paper on white cardstock. It is trimmed with lace ribbon at the top (I hope no one think it looks like a garter that brides wear). I embellished it with a couple of white flowers, some bling, and a hat pin with pearls and clear beads for a soft touch.

The card pictured to the right includes the same four panels with a ribbon trimming the bottom edge. A hat pin filled with pearl and clear beads accentuates the polka dot bow.

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