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Dymo Labelwriter Twin Turbo Printer :: A Review

It's Friday, so I decided to add a new review for everyone. This summer I invested in the Dymo Labelwriter Twin Turbo Printer. It prints labels and stamps. I have wanted one of these machines for a very long time because I hate stopping by the post office. This machine is great because in the comfort of your own home, you can weigh your card, add extra postage if needed, print the stamp, and even a label for the envelope. There are various sizes and colors for the labels. I purchased mine through Image Supply, but other options may be available at this time, such as Ebay or Amazon. It just so happens that when I purchased it, they also offered additional perks, such as a Blockbuster gift card.

How it Works
Basically, all you have to do is install the printer to your computer, similar to how you would any other printer. Once the software is installed for the 'hardware' you have to set up an account with Endicia so you can purchase stamps online. When you have your account established, it is easy to add money to your account, then each time you open the Dymo stamp program to purchase and print a stamp, the value of the stamp will be deducted from your account. There are many shipping options available you can purchase and print stamps for, such as First Class mail, Priority Mail, etc.

Cost Value
The cost of the machine is about the price of a very good printer, so it is quite an investment up front; however, once you get over that hump, you realize how easy and convenient it is and that you do not have any more trips to the post office! The only other added costs you have to think about are replinishing your label supply, both for the labels and the stamps to print on. One you DO NOT have to worry about is ink. This was a big seller because we all know ink costs an arm and a leg. Well, this machine does not require ink cartridges, so no costs there!

My Experience
I have had a great experience using the Dymo Twin Turbo Label Printer since the summer. I waited a while, so I would have a valuable opinion to provide. I had some 'technical' issues on my end finding the printer on my computer, but I quickly resolved those 'operator errors.' I purchased a digital scale to use along with the printer, so I would have an idea on whether additional postage would be needed. There are some packages out there that include a digital scale with the printer so they work together (probably a better idea).

This printer is highly recommended if you mail a lot of items, especially cards! I hope this helps! I'll probably be back later on this evening to share a card. Have a great day!

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