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A New Design - My Story

How did I get into paper art?

Since my web site will completed soon, I thought I would share a little bit more about the creation of "A New Design" and myself! I have been a 'crafty' person since I was a child. It all started with a paint set that my parents gave me one Christmas. At the time, I was probably around 8 years old. My intentions were to be like Bob Ross who was a great painter that I used to watch on TV. Well, I painted my version of "pretty little trees" once and never painted again! Oil paints never get old, so I ended up giving them to my now husband who paints to use! He could not believe all of the supplies I had, as if I were a 'real' artist!

A few years down the road (late elementary - early middle school age), I started designing barrettes and headbands. I was most 'famous' for the balloon barrettes and jewel encrusted headbands! During middle school, I also designed fashion pieces, such as denim jeans and shorts with appliqu├ęs. Remember when ties were in style for girls? Well, I designed one for myself along with some embroidered sweatshirts for school spirit. By the time I entered high school, I was well into fashion and designed my own 8th grade spring dance dress and also my senior prom dress. I took a lot of fashion and marketing related classes and was heavily involved in DECA, an association of marketing students. So, in the 8th grade I started my first scrapbook. I included pictures of friends and magazine clippings that I could not part with. Since I was heavily into fashion, I subscribed to Vogue and W magazine and of course YM too, so some clippings were priceless! I also used my computer (as far as it would take me during that time) by word processing titles to include in the scrapbook. I used "painters" markers to journal in the book as well.

After high school, I went to college to major in marketing and management And since I was not ready to work, I continued my education to get a master's in business administration. Still, I was not ready to work...so, I went to law school. During law school, I discovered scrapbooking again and realized there were actually stores now specifically for the craft! Maybe that is the real reason I went to law school!

I started my first book - our trip to London. I look at the book now and hate it! After that, I made a book for my husband (at the time boyfriend) and then of our engagement. I also gave books away as gifts. After law school, I was busy with wedding planning, so I did not do that much paper art for about a year, then was re-introduced when I discovered another store, Recollections. This store was amazing and taught me a lot more about paper art than I ever knew. I took many classes and learned a wealth of knowledge on tools and how to use them. Recollections introduced me to cardmaking, which is great because it is a faster process than completing an entire scrapbook.

After I started making cards and sending them to family and friends, I received an overwhelming response to start my business. So, I started A New Design! Since Recollections' closing, I have been 'on my own' and use the internet to continue learning. That's why I decided to blog. My blog is called "Confessions of a Paper Artist" and is to communicate to the world about my paper art. Feel free to leave a comment on my blog posts about a posting or a card!

Some of you already know about how I came up with the name "A New Design." Well, the A = Ashley and the New = Newell (my last name) with the incorporation of design! I have the nickname "anew" that no one calls me, but I thought it was cute since I have a new 'married' name and a new venture. I love all types of design from fashion to interior to paper art, so I thought just in case I expanded, I can keep the same name, plus I always like to come up with "new designs;" hence, my slogan "Something Bold...Something New."

My web site is still being designed and will soon be introduced. I expect to have a 'grand opening' of it some time in June (crossing fingers) with many cards for you to select from to buy! I appreciate all of the encouragement and support everyone has provided me as I embark on my new venture! Thanks for reading my blog (almost daily) and appreciating my designs!

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