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Fix Your 3M Scotch ATG 714 Adhesive Applicator

I'm so excited! Today, my replacement part for the 3M Scotch ATG 714 arrived. It was a bit of a pain to take the rear gear rewind completely apart, but neat at the same time--if that makes any sense! My replacement rewind gear came with easy instructions. I replaced the rewind hub gear and my adhesive applicator works with much ease! So, if you have one and the tension gets tight near the middle of your tape and breaks the tape, then you need to contact 3M immediately. Please read my previous posts here and here for more information. 3M is also sending me 3 rolls of adhesive for free for all the headache I put up with! If you want to order bulk adhesive, try Framing Supplies because they offer great prices. I ordered a dozen rolls @ $3 each on Friday and they arrived on Monday - so FAST SHIPPING! Armel also has adhesive for this applicator for the BEST price, but you have to catch them while they are in stock. Every time I call, they are out of stock. They have it for the lowest price per roll I have researched so far! Either of these options beats your local scrapbook store at $6 or more per roll!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ashley! I just purchased my dispenser from Framing Supplies and hopefully it will not be one of the defective ones! I have been researching and the price there was cheaper than I have found. There was a gal selling on Ebay but shipping wasn't until 3/10 I have been spending so much on tape refills that I finally ponied up the cash! I'm going on scrap weekend and wanted it sooner!

Thanks for the info!
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