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Inspired by a few ideas this time around: (1) Beate's Inspiration Challenge, (2) Tessa's card, and (3) Savitri's concept. To start, Beate's weekly inspiration challenges are great because you can use any element of them as inspiration. I've never completed a scrapbook page after being inspired, but something sparked tonight! Ever since Tessa's Card Creations, I've been thinking about those silly posies and how easy they were to make using scraps and since I've been on my "use scraps" kick, I wanted to use this fabulous design. Lastly, Savitri, a new paper artist I've discovered while blogging, showed this ingenious idea of using a box (what basically everyone has) and incorporating it into their paper art!

The only non-scrap item (I should've just said new!) was the red solid cardstock for the scrapbook page. I thought that was an exception to the rule since I needed to do a full 12x12! This page should be called raggedy-ann because that's just how it looks! I love the distressed look, which is pretty 'ratty.' I framed the scrapbook page by stitching in black around the edges all over the place. I added torn scraps of cardstock in colors from Beate's Inspiration and from the old photo (yes...that's ME!). The cardboard box scrap also picks up Beate's Inspiration with the linear design (pictured below, right). I added the crumpled posies and buttons to embellish. Instead of journaling, I just added the date and a title emphasizing what I was doing (in my walker). I really liked how this turned out because of the imperfection that it shows...all done on purpose! I also really like the texture.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, your scrapbook page looks wonderful! I love all the details.
Thanks so much for playing.
Hugs and smiles

Marie said...

This is too cute! I love the picture of you! Hee! I am wanting to try those posies on a page, too!

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